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Tressa – Twin of Passion


Tressa Quintanilla, daughter of Audrey and Demi Quintanilla, wanted to find her own identity. She joined The Bureau of National Security - Eastern Branch becoming a national spy.  

Tressa was torn between her career and her family, who panicked every time she was sent on a mission in a foreign country, because of who she was. One of the famous natural born twins, a beautiful woman of color with camel skin, liquid brown eyes and a body that would make any man sin with desire.


Tressa missed her family, but was ready for a brand new adventure, feeling the pressure from her fiancé to get married was heavy on her mind and heart. Tressa was troubled as she wrestled with her feelings for him. She also wondered if marriage was possible with the very charismatic Samuel, or did her destiny lay in the arms with another. Someone who provoking a passion within her that she never knew existed.


Cruz Montenegro was the man who captured her heart and turned her life upside down. The sweet words of love from this powerful man made her weak with passion. “All this time I didn’t know that I was missing someone to love, and be loved by. Baby, I didn’t know just how miserable I was. Tressa, this means nothing to me anymore if you’re not here to share your life with me. I will go to the moon to find you if I have to. I know deep inside that you were born for me and I was born for you.”


However, someone else was smitten by the beautiful ex-spy and was determine to have her to himself.


Join the romance and adventure of Tressa & Cruz, bound by their love, fighting to find each other once again, guided by the strings that are attached to their hearts and future. Adventure, a daring rescue in another country to save Tressa from certain death.

Tressa, the third installment of the fantasy series The Dark Days Chronicles. It is full of action and adventuer as well as romance

Tressa "Twin of Passion"

The Dark Days Chronicles Vol. 3

unedited version

Tressa "Twin of Passion"

The Dark Days Chronicles Vol. 3
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