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Book-Icon.png is a website run for and by N. Lopez-Stewart. author of The Dark Days Chronicles. A futuristic, fantasy romance series. It is the intention of the author to provide as much insight as possible into this futuristic world created as a backdrop for the series.


On this site you will find sneak peeks into the futuristic world, as well as a detailed look at each strong female lead character in this action packed adventure series that has a strong overtone of romance.

From the author

I want to take the time to welcome you to my site. The place where the futuristic, chaotic and dismal fantasy world of Dark Days comes to life for you the reader. Scroll through and discover more about each lead character, beginning with Brydus the Mark, and many others in this series that I hope will intrigue you. I hope you enjoy.

N. Lopez-Stewart


About Us

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