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Brydus "The Mark"



World Holocaust – The Dark Days

August 7, 2242- Agua Blanca –South America


There was such a great difference between the 22nd  and 23rd centuries; technology was something people took for granted. Ninety percent of the households of the world were connected in one way or another. It was a great time to be alive, and for most of the world’s populations the gap between countries was narrower than ever.

 North America was finally totally energy sufficient with a major solar grid that powered the United States. This provided more than enough power to exceed the nation’s demands.  Therefore, the surplus was sold to those countries that had the money, or had something to bargain with.


Most of the major illnesses were under control with childhood vaccinations or simple remedies.  The economy was growing at such a remarkable rate that nothing could stand in the way of its progress. The coast to coast speedways allowed passengers to ride contentedly and arrive at their destinations in a timely fashion to most of the major cities in the United States. This opened the job market and travel for those who had high powered jobs or important meetings to attend.


The creation of The International Transporters was an underground super nuclear train system that would permit the populace to ride from the United States to anywhere in Europe or Asia in less than 6 hours or from Canada to Florida in two hours. It was the fastest system ever built. People could work in almost any part of the country and commute easily on a daily basis. Your typical car or local transportation was used to run errands, go to malls, shopping trips, and taking the children back and forth to school. They were used for short driving trips. The new cars were solar powered and very affordable. The solar cars were sturdy and easy to maintain, there were buses, trucks, and transports of all kinds.

The first in the futuristic, fantasy romance series entitled

The Dark Days Chronicles by author N. Lopez-Stewart


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