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The Dark Days...

Tribes, Overlords, Kings, Nomads, and the Dark Days Purest


After the devastation of the Dark Days the world was in chaos. People struggled to survived in a world that was collapsing. Survivors searched for stability where ever they could find a sense of humanity. More than half of the world’s population fell into what they called the dark days, a time of great sorrow. Those that survived picked themselves up out of the rubbish, the degradation of humanity. People knew that without each other they were vulnerable for marauders, raiders, and those who preyed upon those who could not protect themselves.           

Groups of people banded together and formed tribal communities for protection and stability. The tribal communities were led by the Warlords and the Elders that were elected by their community. The elders kept the Warlords in line so that they did not over step his or her authority and power.

The elders and Warlords charged themselves with keeping the laws. These laws kept the communities organized and thriving. However, as with human nature there were some leaders that had a need to rule by force and fear, stepping on those people who have already lost so much.

People sought these types of communities that they saw them grow and prosper. They were hungry for stability and a place where they could put down roots. To belong to these communities, one had to go before the elders and Warlord and petition the right to be part of their society.


As a family or individual one had to prove that they could bring something to the tribal population in form of a trade, skill or career. This helped the community work together, to prosper and grow.

The majority of the tribes were extremely well established and highly functional communities. The same laws applied to any group of families that wanted to create their own tribal communities. Though each community established their own laws and customs within, there was a tribal charter that had to be enforced and voted on by the Inner Cities Chapter. There were certain criteria that needed to be met before a community is considered a tribe. Under the tribal control, schools, hospitals, and a free market was established. The protection of these communities was vital to men as well as women, both which guarded their lands. Trouble makers, criminal, and thieves tended to avoid attacking these communities. They were watched from the moment they stepped onto tribal land, and when there was any hint of trouble it was dealt with immediately. 


Like any growing populous there were great tribes that were profitable and treated their people with respect, where all members were greatly esteemed. There were some communities that treated their women like princess, and others that ruled their people like dictators. Tribes exchanged produce and bartered services. The main goal was to rebuild their country, to create a lifestyle that would give every one of its members a chance to live a good life without fear.


Warlords had their perks, they were able to pass down their title to their child as long as they were of age and under the tutorage of the Warlord, as well as showing the capability to lead. Because of the shortage of men, they were allowed to have more than one wife, this permitted the females to have children, and to have the protection they needed. However, trouble is always at the surface when more them one woman is in the kitchen, then it becomes more trouble them pleasure. These communities were magnets to people who needed a sense of belonging and felt their children could grow and benefit from this type of environment.

Overlords ruled larger territories, cities and border sub cities, or a group of small towns. Established by the Inner Cities, each overlord must have men in arms. To be part of this type of society, one had to be prepared to protect land, and their way of life, ready and available at all times. Without this in place, the independent community came under attack without protection. Most to the independents failed when marauders and gangs came into these unprotected territories. Taking what they wanted and leaving a string of destruction along the way.


The Overlords were in charge of the safely of their territory, as well as the prosperity of their people and land. The more they pushed toward restoration and rebuilding, the greater the help they received from the Inner Cities North and East Regent.


Most Overlord families took pride in the land they governed, inspiring their people to farm and raise animals. Entrepreneurs and entertainers sought out this type of environment. They came by the hundreds to put down roots, enjoying the freedom to establish a business, or use their talents to enrich their lives and those around them. It gave them the ability to make a living for their family.




The nomads were groups of people who banded together for safety purposes, not wanting to belong to any established environment. They liked the freedom of coming and going without rules. However, there was always a MIC or WIC (Man in charge – Woman in charge) these individuals would be looked at as the leaders of the nomad’s camps.  These groups enjoyed living off the land, and with limited rules. They basically squatted anywhere outside of the city limits or deep in the woods. The families were poor and had very little education. They stayed away from most of the other communities. However, they did trade with most of the Tribe communities that had trading post everywhere.   

The Dark Days Purest

South America and other countries reverted to the times when Kings ruled the lands and its people. South America pounded by earthquakes from coast to coast. Cities crumbed as people scrambled to a safe haven. After the smoke cleared the real danger spread like ripples in water. South America was ground zero, millions died from the pestilence of The Dark Days. The devastation could not be described. Disease over took the shattered people that were left behind, and for years the lands were held captive by bands of killing gangs with the goal of taking what they wanted, and living for the moment. But people would only put up with this kind of destruction for so long. 


Armies were beginning to form in the counties of Costa Rica, Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Ecuador, and Bolivia, they took up arms to fight for the stability of their countries. The only way they could accomplish this feat was to work together. Young, old, women, and men alike fought bravely to take back what was theirs.

For seven years they plowed through, pushing their enemies into Nicaragua, back into their strong hold, but they were relentless. As the people fought back the blood shed of these gangs served as an example, a reason for others to think twice about crossing into their lands.


When the smoked cleared thirty- nine powerful families rose out of the ashes, men whose leadership went beyond the norm. Men of great honor, whose main goal was to rebuild their once beautiful land, men who had a heart for their people gathered to form The Legion of Kings. The revival of the mighty King was born. Each country had their appointed King, or Kings; they would take charge of their territory to bring back what they held so dear. Law and order, with prosperity for their land and people. However, there was a catch, if the Kings were found unworthy the people and church could dethrone them.


It took years of hard work but the next generation would take it even further, uniting the people and working together to establish a great nation for the future of their people and children to come.

The purest became one of the leading groups that contributed some of the most divesting blows in the worlds History. During the Dark Days these groups were attributed to destroying 75% of the world’s technologies, bombing everything that they thought was lawless. They were fanatical religious groups that believed God was punishing the world, and that it needed to be cleansed of all technologies, adding to the chaos that was already going on. They attacked everything that some crazed prophets would preach about. However not even churches were spared if they refused to join this moment. Hospitals, schools, bridges, train terminals, airports, airplanes, and solar stations. Cities were thrown into darkness because of these groups. All over the world these groups sprung up. People were scared, as so many fell to their death, and family members turned on each other.


After the Dark Days, most of the original high council members of the Purest Movement died, or were murdered. However, out of these corrupted minds a more sinister movement emerged, highly organized and recruiting at a rapid pace. Hundreds of thousands were brainwashed into following their leaders. They wanting to form their own state, and bring back slavery. They targeted most of the Central and South American countries, having fled New America. Nevertheless, they didn’t anticipate the desire of the people to keep their freedom, fighting back sending the moment underground operating in the shadows. 

An insightful look into the elements that make up this futuristic world, the setting for the fantasy romance series entitled The Dark Days Chronicles. Brydus the Mark created by author N. Lopez-Stewart is the first in the series set to be released.

An look inside at The Dark Days...

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