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N. Lopez-Stewart

I was born Norma Lopez in Manhattan, NY. I was born to parents who escaped the poverty of Cayey Puerto Rico at the time. As parents, we try to push our children to have a better life, searching for the American dream that eludes so many of us.


It was 1988, on one of the coldest days of the year in Reading PA that I fought to keep my five children warm. The wind from a snow storm kept blowing open the front door of the house. We lived, in a small house that had a condemned property sign on the door, but nonetheless it was home.


With the heat from the kitchen oven, and a portable kerosene heater, I attempted to keep my children warm. I pushed the sofa against the front door to stop it from blowing open again. I slept in the tiny living room, trying to keep the children safe. It was a restless night for me as I was afraid that a fire may ignite.


That was a Sunday. I remember it because our pastor preached about heavenly gifts earlier that day as we sat in church. So it was on that cold night that I got down on my knees and prayed, asking God for my special gift. A few weeks later, I had stories rolling around in my head. That’s how it started over twenty years ago. I wanted to write sappy stories of love and romance, it was only years later that I discovered in which direction that I wanted to go. So I began to write The Dark Days Chronicles. Come and join the adventures of kick ass strong women and the men who love them. 

N. Lopez-Stewart


Norma Lopez-Stewart, author of The Dark Days Chronicles, the

action packed fantasy romance series, which also boast of adventure

and intrigue with strong female leads.


Norma Lopez-Stewart

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