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I believe that beauty is all around us, and it is up to you to determine what beauty is. But, it is in everything that we see. That's why I took to social media when it came to selecting my cover models. I didn't want a professional model or just another pretty face trying to fit the part pushed on me, I wanted someone who naturally fit the part. I wanted someone who's looks and attitude fit my characters.


The models for the first two novels of my series were found by looking through countless everyday images on Facebook. There are twelve novels to "The Dark Days Chronicles" so far, and may continue to grow. Also there are other works to come later that may require a cover model.

I was looking for someone to pose for my novel covers. So we began to search different social media outlets to find beautiful non-model women that had the perfect look for my characters. After searching thousands of images we found the looks right under our noses. Facebook, who knew? So now we are taking to social media again to find the next cover models.


The women were contacted and agreed to pose.


Working with Danae Savignon the cover model for Brydus the Mark, and Rashiyda McAlpine the Mia Raven Moon cover model was a pleasure. Everyone has a star shining inside of them, and these two were no exception to that rule. They took to the camera like pros striking a pose. I think it was more fun than work. Mai Edwards, the photographer was also wonderful to work with. She made sure we were well equipped to create stunning covers.


Please take your chance at becoming the next novel cover model for author N. Lopez-Stewart’s romance series The Dark Days Chronicles. All novels feature strong female lead characters as the novels in the series are full of adventure, romance, intrigue, mystery, action and much more.

If you are interested in a chance to become a novel cover model, please click the Casting Opportunities button for more information on how to submit images and or links.

Future Cover Models...

Danae Savignon 

Brydus Cover Model

Rashiyda McAlpine

Mia Cover Model

Author N. Lopez-Stewart is looking for cover models.

"I am looking for women that have the looks and builds of the characters in my stories. If you feel this is you please go to the casting opportunties page  and find out more...

Looking fot the next cover model...
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