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Indira, Queen of Hearts


The beautiful Indira fled, leaving everything behind. She was running away from a lustful king who would do anything to possess her. King Nunvio loved young pretty girls. He set his eyes on Indira when she was yet a budding teenager. Her stepfather did all that he could to place her in his hands, excepting the king’s marriage proposal, and promising the Baron a higher place in the king’s social circle. A title he longed for…to become a Duke.


However, the king had other problems. There were a few obstacles in the way before he could claim the woman that he fantasied about for years. He patiently waited for her to grow up to make her his queen. King Nunvio was married with two young wives, and the church did not take kindly to his obsession with Indira.


On the road to freedom Indira was captured by the mighty King Trazar, who detested the other king that governed across the sea, naming him the clown king. King Trazar blackmailed the beautiful Indira into a one-night stand that blossomed into a passionate love affair.

King Nunvio was crushed when Trazar refused to release Indira, claiming that Trazar kidnapped her, and was keeping her against her will. Nunvio was willing to do anything to bring back his beloved.


The mighty King Trazar was determined to make Indira his Queen and was ready to go to war with the clown king, who feared his power and loyal army.


Betrayal, murder, bad blood, intrigue, along with love and infatuation are the ingredients of this fantasy story of two Kings and the woman they both love.

Author N. Lopez-Stewart offers an inside peek into Indira the eighth novel in the romance series The Dark Days Chronicles.

Indira "Queen of Hearts"

The Dark Days Chronicles Vol. 8

unedited version

Indira "Queen of Hearts"

The Dark Days Chronicles Vol. 8
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