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Consuelo The Contract


Makayla escaped during a blizzard to keep her newborn Consuelo from being taken by The Tribal Council Governing Association. Consuelo was not your ordinary baby; she was a natural birth. 

Tanguy became one of the youngest Warlords of the Macapa tribal community. He was a fierce warrior. But his life was cut short leaving Makayla pregnant with a special child, she had to make a hard and quick decision if she wanted to keep her daughter with her.


The weather turned quickly in the Pennsylvania Mountains, as Makayla becomes lost in the white blizzard with her newborn, until some strangers come to her rescues. Virgilio Mondragon and crew bond with the young mother and baby, after weeks of being together. Stranded because of the snow and ice, they form a great friendship becoming a Grandfather and uncles to the new born infant.


Virgilio was a wealthy merchant from Costa Rica who often had business ventures in the New America.

Virgilio made Makayla an offer to care for her and Consuelo, paying for all of their expenses and education, if when Consuelo grew up, she would consider marriage to his grandson Sajid. Makayla had promised her husband that their children would learn his craft, and with Virgilio’s proposal, she could afford to send Consuelo to Tanguy’s people to learn her father’s craft, just like she’d promised before he was died.

Consuelo grows up head strong, and a fierce fighter just like her father. However, as the time draws closer to meeting Sajid many things happen. Murder and intrigue surrounds the beautiful Consuelo as she becomes the obsession of a madman, hiding behind a face of decency.


The mystery of missing young girls is connected to a Gentlemen’s Club in the secluded countryside, where Consuelo finds herself a prisoner. 


Sajid fights against time to save his beloved wife, threatening to bring down the estate brick by brick to find her, and keep her safe.  He would stop at nothing until she is back in his arms.


There is revenge, murder and intrigue. They have to solve the mystery of the missing girls and who is part of the master plan. 

Consuelo is an action romance novel, N. Lopez-Stewart gives a seak peek into romantic fantast The Dark Days Chronicles' tenth installment

Consuelo "The Arrangement"

The Dark Days Chronicles Vol. 10

unedited version

Consuelo "The Arrangement"

The Dark Days Chronicles Vol. 10
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