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The Second Coming

Who are these children?


For ten years Isaura and Ricky Amore prayed to have a family. They had their church members pray over them, and went to countless doctors, just to hear that there was nothing wrong with either one of them. Isaura had lost all hope, until a few weeks after her 35th birthday. The miracle they had been waiting for happened. They were pregnant, and could not be happier that they were finally going to be parents.


Early on Isaura knew their beautiful baby Feliz was not like the other children. She was a wonderful baby, but there was something different about their precious little angel. She was beyond perfect, and others gravitated to her. Isaura kept that secret about her child deep in her heart. She was afraid that if someone found out that Feliz was special, she would lose her daughter.


Melissa and James bought the neighboring farm. They also had a child, a beautiful son named Namir, and he soon became very attached to Feliz. Both mothers began to see the similarities between their children. The two were like one, as they played together, and sometime they just sat and stared at each other as if they could read each other’s minds.


Who are these children, and where did they come from? Why does their presence affect those around them? They are perfect in every way, in health; in popularity, and everyone loved the families and the children. Both exceled in everything they did. Their relationship was magical. It is almost as if they were giving us an example of how people should be.

However, they not only affected others, but the area they lived in as well. People were happier; crime and drug abuse was less than 2%. People around them lived their lives without a care.


Peace and harmony lived in everyone’s heart until…evil came to play in their little town, and tried to destroy the two. The Evil One became angrier as he watched them grow into creatures that he envied, and he vowed to destroy them.

 “How could it be,” he bellowed, “These creatures are back to torment me again! I will not stand for it! I will do all I can to stop them. Their union cannot be… their children cannot be born, for they will also be all knowing, and that is a danger to me and mine. But I won’t go down without a fight, and millions will follow me just like before. So watch out… I’m coming for you, your children and whomever else in my path that I can ensnare.”


The Evil One smiled, “I just need you to open your door for me, because you see, that’s the only way I can begin my task, orchestrating your demise. I’ve had many years of practice. So beware!”


Feliz and Namir were born all knowing, and with all the powers…of the first created.

The Second Coming


Preview of the spiritual fiction story

by author N. Lopez-Stewart

Author N. Lopez-Stewart gives a brief synopsis of her short fiction story, The Second Coming

unedited version

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