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Yadira – Twin of Fury (AKA) Black Beauty



Yadira, the rebel of the twins knew her sister needed help. Defiant and determined to find her sister and bring her back to the safely of their parent’s arms. She would do anything, even stowaway on someone’s vessel to save her sister. Disguised as a boy she hides away only to be discovered while out at sea.


But the owner of the vessel was not happy with a beautiful sexy woman on board, especially when she looked like the woman he had been fantasying about for months. 


Cortez Montenegro aka Tajo the man-whore, a man who could never commit to any woman fell for the fiery Yadira. The no-nonsense, in your face woman, that made him work for her affection. She was his equal in every way, in, and out of the bed. But Yadira had a secret she wanted to keep from the man she loved, an ex-fiancé who could not let go unless she was his again.


“Yadira, I gave you two weeks to get your stuff together. Now it’s going on three, why don’t you want me to come and visit you… what is the big freaking mystery!” he yelled into the phone.

“Baby; don’t be angry, I hate it when we argue,” Yadira whined trying to get him to understand.

“It seems like that’s all we do now-a-days… you need to act like you want us to be together,” Tajo’s tried really hard to control his voice, but his fingers were turning white from the grip he had on his phone.

“Tajo can you please be more understanding, I have business to finalize, and my parents are moving too,” she begged not wanting to reveal her true fears to him.

“For the love of God Yadira, you’re lying again; tell me the truth, is there someone else because if there is I will break his neck and yours,” he replied with great force.

“I can’t believe you asked me that… baby there is no one else… no one that can do me like you do.”

“Don’t patronize me woman, it’s not going to work,” he yelled.


Join their sizzling relationship as they find out the true nature of her ex- fiancé and his family’s dark secrets. Fighting was always part of Yadira’s life but when they messed with the man she loved, that took it to another level of fury.

Yadira is the fourth in this action packed futuristic, fantasy romance
series entitled The Dark Days Chronicles by author N. Lopez-Stewart

Yadira "Twin of Fury"

The Dark Days Chronicles Vol. 4

unedited version

Yadira "Twin of Fury"

The Dark Days Chronicles Vol. 4
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