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Suryana The Bacarra Rose


Suryana was sent away after the death of her parents, the responsibility of her father’s kingship now rested on the shoulders of a teenage girl. Her uncle Vaughn became the interim ruler until she became of age.

Sent to an all-girl school by her overprotective Aunt Cassandra, Suryana became bitter toward her, becoming rebellious once she finally returned home.


Suryana was ready to live her life with her longtime best friend Vasta. Dressed like boys so they wouldn’t be recognized, they escaped from Suryana’s guarded existence to enjoy the freedom she so missed.

They ventured into the Golden Owl Inn to drink and watch the people interact. Everything went well until the gorgeous Captain Eliazar Fox and his crew entered her life. “Wow, I love a man with a shaved head,” Suryana moaned, “I’d give him a ten for sure,” the girls laughed.


Pretending to be a maid Suryana gets caught in his room, entangled in his embrace losing her virginity to this stranger. The mixture of wine and drug made him think he was dreaming that a beautiful woman came to him, until he awakened the next morning finding what she left behind in his bed.


It became a game of cat and mouse trying to find the mysterious woman’s identity that haunted his foggy memory. Eliazar was shocked when he finally met the woman who invaded his thoughts, and falls hard for the beautiful Suryana. After a weekend of love making Suryana was overcome by the new man in her life, she was in love; however, her prince charming came with baggage. A long-time relationship and future plans of marriage, this woman was not ready to be pushed aside. 


Tortured between the two women in his life, Eliazar could not get the lovely Suryana out of his thoughts and his heart, as he drowns in sorrow with the thought of losing her once again.


However, the connection between Suryana and Eliazar cannot easily be broken, between the twist and turns, and mountains of obstacles to overcome.

So come join the thrill ride of this twisted tale that is the world of Suryana and the man that loves her.

The Baccara Rose, the black rose Suryana is called in this fantasy 
romance novel by N. Lopez-Stewart author of The Dark Days Chronicles

Suryana "The Baccara Rose"

The Dark Days Chronicles Vol. 11

unedited version

Suryana "The Baccara Rose"

The Dark Days Chronicles Vol. 11
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