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Soledad – The Mystic Healer


Soledad was afraid that she wouldn’t get to her father in time. Badly injury she races to be by his side, only to find out that he was holding on until she arrived. Unbeknownst to her the title of Warlord was at stake since her brother was too young to fill his position putting Soledad in a position to lose their sister community Carolina, the pearl of the Chesapeake Bay.


There was only one way to stop the loss their sister community, marriage to Amado Pagan-Castillo, the owner of one of the largest construction companies in the area. Unaware of her true birth and its secrecy, Amado falls madly in love with his bride. But he wasn’t the only one who fell for the stunning beauty and her special gifts.


Amado could only stare at the beautiful and exquisite woman standing within the entrance of the dining room.

“Soledad, come my dear and meet the rest of the family,” her mother ordered.

 Polo went from anger to fury. “Why… why did you rob us of her…” he managed to say, turning red.

“It was not an easy decision,” Pilar replied.

“You all know… you have committed a crime against us, and against our communities,” he yelled.

“You know nothing… everything was done to protect her from men like you, men who would exploit her for their own vanity. She is my child, and I have every right to protect her,” Pilar cried defending her actions.” Soledad didn’t understand what was going on; she only knew that her mother was close to tears.

“It’s over Polo,” Amado said finally finding his voice, “now get the hell out of my house before I throw you out myself. Soledad is my wife; you lost now get over it,” he said with venom in his voice.” He cut his eyes over at Soledad, who stood frozen in place.

Amado would do anything to keep his wife safe from those that fall under her spell. Join Soledad and Amado as their life is turned upside down. Intrigue, broken hearts, and an obsession that turns to murder, in this thrilling fantasy romance.

N. Lopez-Stewart, author of The Dark Days Chronicles this futuristic fantasy
romance series takes you on an adventure with this inside look at Soledad

Soledad "Mystic Healer"

The Dark Days Chronicles Vol. 5

unedited version

Soledad "Mystic Healer"

The Dark Days Chronicles Vol. 5
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