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Mia…AKA Raven Moon


Mia struggled to remember who she was, her mind jumbled and confused. Mia’s injured mind was telling her to run for her life, only to run into the arms of the only man who could tame the natural born, beautiful tribal woman.

Mia fought her growing feelings for the most powerful man in New Orleans, the Overlord who made men tremble in their shoes. Falu Negron Vega, also known as the King of New Orleans, was determined to conquer the only woman who rejected his advances and love.

“I’m not one of your… girls or a servant… I was just wondering what my purpose is here,” Mia asked.

Falu smiled closing the distance between them, “So do you want me to tell you the truth or to make up some story that you might want to hear,” he chuckled.


Mia was becoming annoyed with the smug look on his face, “What do you mean the truth, of course I want to know the truth,” she said argumentatively.”

Falu pinned her against the door coming painfully close. “The truth is that you will be my woman…” he whispered in her ear, “eres mia, you will be mine. You will come to me willingly.”

Mia found herself weakening under his spell, pushing him away and building up a wall to keep from falling in love. She fought the anxiety that was driving her to distraction.


Follow the fantasy story and the romance of Falu and the beautiful Mia, who will only give in to him on her terms, creating an explosive love affair, and revealing the mystery of her past.

An inside look at Mia...The second novel in The Dark Days Chronicles, a futuristic, fantasy romance series by author  N. Lopez-Stewart

Mia "Raven Moon"

The Dark Days Chronicles Vol. 2

unedited version

The Dark Days Chronicles VOl. 2

Mia "Raven Moon"

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