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Esperanza, La Leona (The Lioness)


Esperanza experience much tragedy in her young life, with a photographic memory, she was brilliant beyond her years, a master swordswoman, taking after her father. All Placido ever wanted was a son to carry his name, and to learn his trade, but instead he got Esperanza, making him the father of five girls.


Esperanza was remarkable, and everyone in their town took notice when she became their champion. Although she grew in fame, her love life was not so fair. Until she met someone that she crossed path with before, when she was a young girl. Javier aka El Gallo, who was determined to conquer the woman that he fantasied about most of his life. 

“Why did you kiss me Javier, it was a cruel thing to do?”

“I couldn’t help it, I’ve wanted to kiss you from the moment I laid eyes on you,” he leaned closer almost touching her lips with his. “When you walked in that dining room, there was only one thing on my mind,” he said sending chills through her body as he kissed her neck and shoulders.


“And what was that,” she asked breathless.


“To make you notice me…I know you want me as much as I want you,” Javier held her in his strong arms, she responded to his kisses that fill her body with such sensation that she forgot where she was.

“Javier,” she whispered between breaths, “you’re not playing fair.”

“Um… goodness woman, I stopped playing a long time ago,” he said, pulling her shirt down. “Playtime is over baby, it’s time to get serious.”


But love would not be easy for the lovers, especially with those who were determined to break the overwhelming love and passion they couldn’t deny.


Betrayal, murder, hope, and the power to endure hardship and pain are part of Esperanza’s life until she finds true happiness.

The Lioness (La Leona) Esperanz is an action adventure full of romance
and intrigue, a perfect fit for The Dark Days Chronicles by N. Lopez-Stewart

Esperanza "La leona"

The Dark Days Chronicles Vol. 7

unedited version

Esperanza "La Leona"

The Dark Days Chronicles Vol. 7
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