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N. Lopez-Stewart author of The Dark Days Chronicles gives you an inside look at Brydus The Mark the first in this fantasy romance series
The Dark Days Chronicles Vol. 1

Brydus "The Mark"

Brydus “The Mark”


Brydus was raised in the secluded Valley of God community, sheltered from a devastated world that is rebuilding from the meltdown that was the Dark Days. Brydus was not like any of the other children of the Valley. She was special, and when she reached her eighteenth-birthday her journey began. Propelled into the unknown by the Law of her community, she had to survive by keeping her identity a secret. 

It was a test of her abilities to explore this new world in order to find her destiny. Brydus finds this new world exciting, forming long lasting friendships, and without realizing it, she falls in love.


The powerful Overlord Joaquin Quintanilla made her knees weak with desire. However one person stood in the way of their happiness. The beautiful Monet was not ready to give up the thing that she longed for most in her life, to become the grand Mistress of the Quintanilla Estate.

“So there you are, you’re the black bitch that’s sleeping with my man,” Monet said as she entered the kitchen. Brydus turned to face Monet, and with one look stopped her from coming any closer.

“Sleeping is the last thing on our minds when we’re together, Monet,” Brydus replied smiling. 


Sold into the world of human trafficking, Brydus fights her way back to the man she loves. “I can’t believe you’re here, you found me,” she said between sobs. He fought to hold back his own tears. His voice was hoarse from the smoke, and emotions almost consumed him. He kissed her so passionately that it took her breath away. 

“Thank God you’re safe,” Joaquin whispered.


Travel with Brydus in search for her destiny, where she will experience love, sorrow, and betrayal. Brydus fights for her freedom, when kidnapped and taken to the spicy streets of New Orleans.


Brydus "The Mark"

The Dark Days Chronicles VOl. 1
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