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Bijou The Fan



All Bijou ever wanted to do was dance. She danced her way into the hearts of the fans that patronize the new theater district, located in the heart of the Inner Cities. The freedom she felt was overwhelming. This was her life, dancing and enjoying the praise of her loyal fans. The flowers and good wishes poured in after a flawless performance. However, there was one fan who took his admiration further, he lived obsessed with the beautiful Bijou, sending her expensive gifts and signing the card with only two words, which made her wonder who “The Fan” was.


Bijou hid her true identity from her friends, Princess Bijou Yara Canales, daughter of King Christova and Deja from San Jose Panama.


The war torn country was constantly being attacked by organized raiders that lived by ravaging countries, and enslaving its people while doing it. But the people of Panama would fight to instead of being conquered. Both male and female picked up weapons to defend what they have accomplished since the devastation of The Dark Days. 


Bijou was summoned back home to stop the bloodshed, asked to marry Pasqual Santana. The marriage between these two families would unite the eastern and western armies, an alliance to defeat the marauders, sending them back into the sea and also reinforcing their borders.


Pasqual was not happy with the arranged marriage, but smiled when he laid eyes on his new bride six week later, leaving his brother behind standing in as proxy during his absence. Pasqual made many mistakes with his new bride. However, Bijou had enemies, those that wanted her dead. Pasqual’s jealous ex-lover was not going to allow them to live happily ever after, if she had her way.


Be the mysterious fan would not let anyone get in the way of Bijou’s happiness. Murder for hire, sex, mystery and love rules the life of Bijou and Pasqual.

Mystery revolves around Bijou, the intrigue sets the pace for this fantasy 
romance novel by N. Lopez-Stewart author of The Dark Days Chronicles 

Bjou "The Fan"

The Dark Days Chronicles Vol. 9

unedited version

Bijou "The Fan"

The Dark Days Chronicles Vol. 9
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