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Aragon, Gypsy Princess


Aragon lost both of her parents when she was very young. A murdered father, and a mother who couldn’t stand to live without her beloved husband. Aragon’s mother Aliuska tried to hold on and live for her daughter, but surrendered to her broken heart, leaving the young Aragon to be raised by her new gypsy family. 


However, Aragon is not your ordinary child. She was a natural born, a gift from God, her gypsy family said the night that she came into this world. Aragon adored her gypsy family especially her godmother Jacara, a very power medium. Jacara promised Aragon’s mother to protect the special child who was adored by the community.

Aragon was wild, as well as extremely beautiful, living her life on her own terms. She was as tough as nails. Aragon played dangerous games, she wasn’t afraid to run a pool hustle just for entertainment.


Then there was Savion, who was unable to forget the dark beauty that he fell for during his coronation. However, in the midst of war, he found her, the one who slipped away, the gypsy princess. The one who stole his heart, and he was destined to make her his.


Nonetheless there was more than one who had eyes on the prize, Vicente one of the leaders of the Purest Moment was determined to make her a prisoner of his heart. But the spiritual mothers of the movement would not make it easy.


The story of Savion and Aragon is full of twists, mystery, murder, and ghost from the past. They loved with wondrous passion, fighting those who tried to keep them apart.      

Intrigue, scandle, action, and adventure surround Aragon in the twelth romance novel of The Dark Days Chronicles by author N. Lopez-Stewart

Aragon "Gypsy Princess"

The Dark Days Chronicles Vol. 12

unedited version

Aragon "Gypsy Princess"

The Dark Days Chronicles Vol. 12
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