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Angel – The Runaway


Forced into a loveless marriage to save her younger brother’s inheritance, and return the family title. Angel needed to breathe. She was running away from an unhealthy marriage. Angel escaped her prison by posing as a concubine for a night, at Baron Carbin’s estate. In the middle of her dilemma, she is propelled into a heated love affair with the King’s nephew, Julius Dragon. Angel couldn’t believe her life could get any more complicated, until she became a gift to Julius, from the Baron who thought she was one of his concubines. She trembled at the thought of going to the palace court where her true identity would be revealed.

Julius smiled, “Okay, I’m going to give you a choice. One, you can go before the Baron and explain to him why you have broken into one of his warehouses to steal his food. Two, you can stay here and service other men, and believe me you will be one of the favorites. Or three, leave with me this afternoon. I am going to my country estate for some needed rest and relaxation.”

“My lord, are you black mailing me?”

“I know it sounds that way but, I really want you to come with me. This is no place for you, and yes I do have a selfish motive. I like your company.”

“You did say… a country estate?” She asked easing the anxiety of going to the palace.

But Julius was engaged with another refined woman, but could not forget the beautiful and passionate Angel, who surprised him at every turn making him aware of what he was missing.


It was a bitter revelation when Julius realized that he was in love with a married woman. Revenge and murder lingered in the minds of those betrayed. Angel must confront the truth of her future without the man she loves, when her husband refuses to let her go.


Mystery, murder for hire, intrigue and so many twists are part of the Angel and Julius future.  

Angel is an adventure full of intrigue and action. The sixth in the futuristic romance fantasy series The Dark Days Chronicles by author N. Lopez-Stewart

Angel "The Runaway"

The Dark Days Chronicles Vol. 6

unedited version

Angel "The Runaway"

The Dark Days Chronicles Vol. 6
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