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Welcome to a world full of fantasy. A world created by N. Lopez Stewart author of The Dark Days Chronicles, Brydus the Mark. Enjoy the ride as she takes you into this futuristic, fantasy.

Imagine a planet where its beings have developed to the point that a baby could be designed inside the womb. Creating your perfect looking child is just a matter of selecting hair color, and eye color. Imagine that on the same planet; the promoting of the latest experimental technologies, and cosmetic procedures, over a span of time, transformed a multi cultured and ethnic indigenous to the point that there was no longer the ability to judge one by the color of their skin. The ethnicities are all one color. In this world, pigment has been erased from the skin, and done so willingly by the masses, just to keep up with the latest fad or trend. There were some that endured the experimental treatments to gain currency to feed their families, or just to take a journey to far off places on the nuclear powered transcontinental tram system. Imagine for a moment that peace and tranquility reigned over that planet for many years, that is, until the unthinkable happened, and revealed secrets that were kept hidden from the populist. These secrets plunged the world and its inhabitants into what is known as “The Dark Days.” Now imagine that the planet is earth.


Brydus “The Mark” is a story about a child that was born with a mark which determined that she would be different than everyone else, and that she would be a person of color in a world without. The story follows her journey on through to her coming of age, and leaving her family and the safety of her community as required by the law of their village, pertaining to someone born like her. Brydus must go out into the unsafe and now crumbled world to find her destiny. She encounters many people and tribulations along the way that will shape and mold her. The truth is that Brydus is a gun toting, fist throwing, horse riding, and passionate woman in a world that hasn’t seen anyone that looks like her for many years, that is, except in the remaining history books.


Brydus “The Mark” is her chronicle of danger, action, intrigue, adventure, romance, and betrayal during The Dark Days.


I hope you enjoy!

N. Lopez-Stewart 


N Lopez-Stewart The Dark Days Chronicles Brydus the Mark

N. Lopez-Stewart, author of The Dark Days Chronicles, Brydus The Mark, is set to release the first novel in this futuristic, fantasy romance series, featuring strong female leads in stories full of action, adventure, and intrigue. 

N. Lopez-Stewart

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